Tell a Story and Your Prospects Will Buy

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When a prospect has a need, they want to know you will be able to fill that need. A great way to show what you can do for a prospective customer is by telling a story.  Stories help us to understand by explaining and shedding light on a situation.  They can also be translated very quickly into something visual.  Even more importantly, they can be used to elicit an emotional response from someone. Because of these characteristics, stories are very powerful marketing tools.

All good stories have a hero (in this case, your customer). In these stories, the hero faces a challenge and learns something in the process. Too many times we write our marketing materials from our perspective and what we believe to be the benefits of our product or service.  When you look at the story from your prospect's or customer's point of view, you will gain a different perspective on what may actually be important to them.

Good stories also have good leads that pull us in and gain our attention. The first sentence is most important. It should give readers a compelling reason to read on without giving away the ending.  Once you open with a strong lead, provide detail that keeps the reader interested. A great example of this," They hoped to increase their gross revenues by 15%. They ended up with 300%. The story of how they did this is very interesting..."

And always, end your story with a bang!  The whole goal is to get them so hooked on what you've done for someone else that they're convinced you will do the same for them. 

Marketing takes time and is an important investment in the success of your company.  It may take extra work, but re-thinking your marketing message and customer case studies in the context of your prospect's point of view will be fun and rewarding.

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Tell a Story and Your Prospects Will Buy

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This article was published on 2010/04/01