Secret Formula To A Great Wedding Story

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One of the most common questions is how to create a funny wedding speech?

Stories on the other hand, are much easier to deliver because you don't have to worry about timing. With funny stories, you only have to concentrate on speaking naturally. Stories are also easier to remember meaning that you don't have to look down at your notes.

If you're not a stand up comedian and you have no experience making a live audience laugh, it feels like a daunting task. Everybody has that nightmare about telling an offensive joke that is embarrassing.

The best place to start for funny stories for your wedding speech is to brainstorm some embarrassing stories.

For the groom - are there any hobbies that he was passionate about? If you can think of an off the wall story like the groom's passion for ice fishing that led him to lock his keys in the car in the middle of a lake.

For example, in one funny wedding speech the maid of honor talked about the bride's summer job as an intern at a hospital. The bride fainted every time she saw blood and that ended her goal of becoming a nurse.

It is almost always better to focus your funny wedding speech on funny stories. Stories are more personal, sound more genuine and they are easier to deliver. Jokes and one-liners largely depend on your timing. There is a rhythm of joke setup leading to the punchline. Mastering this buildup is not easy for an inexperienced speaker.

Did the bride ever have any humorous jobs? Summer jobs are a fertile ground for humor.

It is important to remember that even funny wedding speeches have a certain structure. Don't let humor overshadow your role. Every speaker in the wedding party has specific people to thank and toast.

You should remember that some sources of humor are not appropriate for weddings. Off limit stories include anything that involves drunkenness or relationships with other people.

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Secret Formula To A Great Wedding Story

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This article was published on 2010/03/27
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