Is Your Story Destroying Your Motivation?

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What is your story? Depending on your story, motivation can be hard to come by. The stories we have in our lives are what create our beliefs and motivation. Beliefs and motivation cause us to act; they produce the results of our lives.

Your story is key to making you act. It can either supercharge you or be your kryptonite.

Here is an example of what I mean. Many people today want to lose weight and many fail over and over again to do so. Why? It is their own story that they tell themselves repeatedly that affects the outcome. For people trying to get in shape, here are some examples of stories that will cause failure every time.

"All people in my family are fat."
"It's my genetics."
"I have a hormonal imbalance."
"Losing weight is hard."
"I'm supposed to gain weight as I age."
"I don't have the time."

You get the point. I guarantee that the people who lose weight and keep it off have a different story.

How powerful are your stories? Let's look at schizophrenics for an example of this. In the 1988 Schizophrenia Bulletin there was a case reported where a schizophrenic's eyes were changing color with their different personalities. There have been other reports of the same thing.

I know a guy who was an alcoholic. He had his last drink 14-years ago. I asked him how he was able to give up drinking. He told me that he stopped going to AA meetings and became a triathlete.

He changed his story. First he was an alcoholic who went to meetings to talk about how he was an alcoholic, thus confirming his story. Then he became a triathlete and was no longer labeling himself as an alcoholic. His story changed and so did his beliefs.

Here is the great news. You can make up whatever story you want to believe. If you need motivation to do something, make a good story and back it up with other stories to enforce it and create a belief. For example, if you want to lose weight, tell yourself that you are losing weight easily. Then gather other stories about how people did the same. This can be done online, at a gym . . . you understand.

Your stories create your beliefs and your beliefs create your actions; actions cause the outcomes of your life. Everyone loves a good story, so make up a story that rocks your world and back it up with other great stories and you will be a god among mortals. =)

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Is Your Story Destroying Your Motivation?

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This article was published on 2010/03/31