Astronomical facts in astrology

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It has been my experince that almost 30 percent of my visitors always have doubts in their mind, as to whether it is worth believing in astrology. The major reason being that scientists do not agree with the fact that  planets do have any effect on humans as per their researches. If one can study the history of over a million years, there are many truths told to us by our ancient sages. In the initial stages scientists refused to accept what they said and over a period of centuries one after another they all prove to be facts. Astrology was the first to deduct the solar system/planets and the celestial space. Though our sages have only told the truth, the subsequent generations in order to make people understand,used stories to substantiate the points told to us by great sages.  

The importance of New moon and Full Moon, eclipses were told in the form of stories to us and created fear,so that people do not indulge in illegal activities. The stories in the Hindu religeon are such that when one is taught in the childhood, will result in terrible fear and lack of self confidence throughout his/her life. I strongly feel that the people lived some millions of years might have been indulging in atrocities/illegal activities and/ or may be cruel in nature. This must be the reason for them to come out with such deadly stories, which has made many Hindus with lot of fear in their mind always towards spiritual things.

Because of the stories, Hindu religeon is being discussed as per the whims and fancies of politicians/so called scientists etc., Sometimes, i used to feel very bad that some so called highly educated people, comment very badly about the GODS. It is better that they get in to the fundamentals of what is GOD. It is not anything tough to understand the truth that there is indeed a very powerful energy/force which we human beings can never understand nor see the same. This ALMIGHTY POWER is called as GOD and everyone knows it ensures very systemmatic functioning of solar system/celestial space. Neither humans have powers or the conditions suitable for studying them ( except that camera gets us pictures), nor there is  any possibility of humans reaching there for settling down there for living.

The question here is what is this ALMIGHTY POWER and how it is making the universe to function uniformly and systemmatically. Here is where every religeon and more particularly HINDU religeon and great sages have done enormous study and work to get to the truth of these powers. 


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Astronomical facts in astrology

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This article was published on 2011/07/03